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Can we meet up before we book you for our wedding?
Yes, I feel it is essential that, wherever possible, we meet up before, or shortly after, you book me for your wedding photography. It is really important that we get along as this produces more natural images on the day as you are more comfortable and relaxed.
If you are too far away for this to be practical we can always talk by phone, email, messenger, skype or whatsapp.

How do we reserve our wedding date?
To reserve your wedding date you simply pay a booking fee of £100, and fill out the contracts I send to you. Your booking fee is deducted from the total cost of your wedding photography.

Do you provide contracts?
The simple answer is yes!
These are usually provided as a digitally signed contract, but paper versions can be supplied on request. The contracts, along with your booking fee, secure your date and lock in the costs of your wedding photography unless changes are made to your contract details.

When, and how, do we pay for our photography?
After you have booked your wedding photography I will get in touch to discuss your payment options. I always make it easy for you to pay and am very flexible. The only condition is that you have paid for your photography, and any other services booked, in full one month before your wedding date.

Can we spread the cost of our wedding photography?
Yes, you can make payments towards the cost of your wedding photography whenever you like, right up to one month before your wedding when your final payment is due.

Can we book you at short notice?
If I am available then you can book me up to the day before your wedding, or on the same day if you are local to Bridgwater as I only need 1.5 hours, plus travel time to get to you. My kit is always ready to go.
I require an immediate payment of your booking fee by bank transfer before I leave, and the rest can be paid by debit, credit card, or a further bank transfer when I arrive.

What extra costs might we incur?
If your wedding is outside Somerset then you may incur some additional travel costs - these are calculated at £25 per hour using Google Maps as a time/mileage guide.
If your wedding venue is really far away and I need to travel the day before to catch an early start then you will also be charged for overnight accomodation, unless you can provide it.
I cover the cost of any toll fees and parking costs so you don't need to worry about those.

How do you prepare for our wedding?
On the run up to your wedding day I take time to get to know you, and check in with you occassionally to ensure your plans are going well. I research your venue on the internet, and contact the owner/manager to arrange a visit (where feasible).
About a week before your wedding (where feasible) I go and check out your venue/s so I can spot great locations for your photographs. This also gives me the opportunity to get an idea of what plant life will be in flower, and where the sun will be at the time of your wedding so I can plan some great shots.

Are there any time limits on our wedding day?
There are no time limits on how long I will attend your wedding day. If you want me there from 8am to midnight then I will be. Most weddings, however, start with bride preparation at betweem 10 and 11am and ends shortly after the first dance (usually around 8pm). No one needs too many drunken images to remember their day by.
If you would like me to arrive earlier, or stay longer, that is not a problem and I will include this in your quote. If you ask me, on the day, to stay longer then I am usually happy to do this and will tell you how much it will cost. You will need to pay this either immediately by bank transfer or card payment, or before we release your wedding photo's to you after your wedding.

Are there any restrictions on how we use our images, and how will you use them?
We retain the copyright on all the images we take, but we issue you with a licence that allows you to use them however you like, with the exception of using them for commercial gain.
We may wish to use some of your images on our website, social media pages, or in printed media to promote and advertise our business. However, due to new data protection laws we need your permission to do this if the image could be used to identify you, and as such will ask you to sign a form allowing us to do so. You are not obligated to sign the form, and it is fine if you choose not to give us this permission.

How do I receive my Wedding Photographs?
If you choose not to have your photo's edited the you will usually receive them on a personalised USB on the day of your wedding. If you choose to have part, or all, of your wedding photo's edited you will receive them as soon as we have finised the editing. We can provide a password protected online gallery of your edited images if you would like us too. This can be shared with your guests, friends, and family. You and your guests can optionally order prints, canvases and download digital image files, from this gallery. Your gallery remains active for 6 months after your wedding and you will also receive your images on USB at around the same time that your gallery goes live.

How quickly will we get our photographs?
I aim to have your photographs with you, at the latest, 6 weeks after your wedding date. After your wedding my main focus is editing your photographs, and I will not normally book another wedding within 7 days of your wedding to allow me the time to do this. At very busy times, such as mid-summer, it may take a little longer to get your photo's to you.

"I've lost my Photo's, what do I do?!"
If the worst should happen and you lose your USB, or it gets damaged and no longer works, you do not need to panic. I backup the images of your wedding for a minimum of 5 years, free of charge, so if anything does go wrong and you lose all your wedding photo's all you need to do is contact me and (for a small fee) I will send you a replacement USB of your images from your wedding day.

What happens if you are unwell on our wedding day?
If I am unwell, and can not make your wedding day then I will contact one of my many colleagues and ask them to attend your wedding in my stead so that you are not left without a photographer.
If I am unable to find a replacement you will receive a full refund for the cost of your wedding photography, but will have to then find a replacement photographer yourself. This will be the limit of my liability to you.

We need to change our wedding date or venue. What do we do?
If you need to change your wedding date, or venue, simply contact me with the new details. I will confirm my availability and send out a change of details letters to you. There is no cost to you if you need to do this.

We have to cancel our wedding photography. What do we do?
If you find you need to cancel your wedding photography, for any reason, contact us as soon as possible. We will contact you back to confirm your cancellation and that is all that needs to be done. If you are due a refund for any additional payments you have made (on top of your booking fee) we will arrange this as soon as possible. Refunds are always paid back to the original payee unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing this. If we are fortunate enough to secure another booking on your wedding date and you have cancelled more than 1 month in advance then we will also, at our sole discression, refund your booking fee, but this will be at a later date.

Are you insured if things go wrong?
We have public liability and professional indemnity insurance so all aspects of your wedding photography supplied by us are covered. If you have any specific worries do not hesitate to ask. We are only a phone call, or email, away.

Can we refer you to other people we know?
We love it when we get a phone call or email saying you were recommended by a friend of mine who used your services. Please feel free to recommend us, it lets us know we are doing a great job.

I have a question that hasn't answered here.
If you have a question, or questions, that haven't been answered here then please get in touch though the contact page and I will answer it as soon as I can. It may even be added to this page.
Thank you, Graham.
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